Welcome to UTM Educational Restaurant

The Educational Restaurant is another training unit for UTM’s bachelor degree students, especially those specialized in hotel management, event management and culinary arts management. UTM encourages Macao’s future hoteliers to put theories into practice and trains them to provide quality service to real guests. The Educational Restaurant is one of the best venues on campus for students to practice. It offers a unique selection of traditional Macanese, Portuguese and Western dishes with a modern flair that cannot be found elsewhere.

Restaurant Entrance

It's a pleasure to have you here!

Wine Cellar

“Wine is the most civilized thing in the world”

“Ernest Hemingway”

Portuguese wines have a long history and strong presence in the local wine scene. Although best known for their highly acclaimed Port wines, and to some degree Madeira wines, Portugal has a lot more to offer in terms of wine varieties. UTM Educational Restaurant compiled a list of the best that Portugal has to offer, which not only encompasses a comprehensive wine list but also a guide that serves as a fountain of knowledge... Being a school, our aim is to quench people’s thirst for knowledge, and that is exactly what we wanted to achieve with this list. Here you can find not only wine labels but also grape varieties and a detailed summary of Portuguese wine producing regions and classifications. We hope this list helps to shed some light regarding Portuguese wines and that by the end of your experience you will be equipped with more knowledge and a better understanding of Portuguese wines.

Like the Portuguese say SAÚDE!


“Have a drink and enjoy the view”

Restaurant and Bar Practical Classes

During the operation of the UTM Educational Restaurant, our students have the opportunity to get in touch with real customers and to put into practice the training they have during practical classes.


Grooming and personal hygiene check.

Order Taking

Students learn how to take the order from the customer in correct sequence.

Tray Service

Students learn to use the service tray correctly so that the beverage service is done safely and correctly.

Napkin Folding

Learning different table napkin folding techniques.

Wine Service

Students learn how to make a mise-en-place when opening wine bottles. Wine “mise-en-place” is the presentation of wine to a customer and the correct procedures when opening a bottle and pouring it for the customer to taste it, and finally to serve it in the correct manner.


Students learn several International Bartenders Association (IBA) Classic Cocktails during practical classes.

Our Food

Selection of traditional Macanese, Portuguese and Western dishes with a special modern flair


Macanese laksa soup with prawns and shrimp paste

Organic Salad

Organic green and red leaves with grapefruit, quinoa chips and mustard vinaigrette

Portuguese seafood rice

Portuguese seafood rice with chili sauce

(for 2 persons)

Bafassá duck

Bafassá duck with tumeric and new potatoes

(for 2 persons)

Roasted ribeye

Roasted ribeye (400g) with deep fried onion rings, pommes Dauphinoise and truffle mayonnais


Wintermelon jam with Tête de Moine cheese, truffle and walnuts

We value what we do


Our kitchen has a team of professionals preparing dishes that are filled with flavor and aromas.

Herbs Garden

At UTM, herbs have played an important part in our food. They are seed plants that do not produce a woody stem, like trees do. However, herbs live long enough to develop flowers and seeds. We grow in our Herbs Garden; Chives, Thyme, Marjoram, Parsley, Mint, Rosemary, Dill, Basil and Bay leaves.


Our bread is freshly baked by us every day and is still warm when delivered to your table.

Throughout history, bread has been of great importance since the dawn of agriculture and has been appreciated around the world, it is also one of the oldest artificial foods.