Chef Marina de Senna Fernandes

IFTM in collaboration with ADM presents Macanese Food Promotion.


A Macanese Food Promotion was hosted jointly by the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) and the Associação dos Macaenses (ADM) from 21 February to 4 March 2022 to promote Macao’s gastronomic culture. The IFTM Educational Restaurant, in collaboration with ADM and Ms. Marina de Senna Fernandes, present nearly 20 classic Macanese dishes to promote the region’s unique Macanese gastronomy. In 2021, IFTM was appointed as the protection unit for national intangible cultural heritage linked to Macanese Gastronomy. To this end, the Institute offered Macanese gastronomy cooking courses. IFTM has also launched a web version of the Macanese Cuisine Database in collaboration with the Macao Government Tourism Office, the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the International Institute of Macau, and other organizations. Additionally, the Institute set up a dedicated space for Macanese cuisine data in its library, which is home to a variety of classic recipes, manuscripts, Macanese culinary books, and publications.

Founded in 1996, ADM has succeeded in bringing together numerous Portuguese-speaking communities in Macao with the mission of promoting their traditional customs, language, and culture. Ms. Marina de Senna Fernandes, whose family has lived in Macao for centuries, is devoted to Macanese cuisine. She has contributed to publishing several culinary books, participated in food workshops, and appeared in a Macanese television cooking series. Currently, she is promoting Macanese cuisine at the Associação dos Macaenses member’s restaurant. For this food promotion event, she will be the head chef to showcase her superb Macanese cuisine cooking skills by creating authentic, one-of-a-kind flavours.

The Macanese dishes to be presented by Ms. Marina de Senna Fernandes and the Educational Restaurant are characterised by the influences of Malaysian, Indian and Portuguese flavours such as ‘Camarões Malaios’ - stir-fried tiger prawns with turmeric, ‘Galinha di tempu di caça’ - chicken stew with green olives and ‘Saránsurável’ - sponge cake with coconut frosting. All dishes with their own unique taste.


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