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感謝您們的參與活動已完滿結束 !

Thank you for your participation!


Let’s review what we did in the Healthy & Green Month!!


We are happy to announce the following winners of the activity Have You Saved the World Today? & Mid-Autumn No Air Con Night:

 Eric, Kong Xiaosheng; Jerry, Ho Wai Keong; Mandy, Ng Weng Ian; Ada, Chan Sao Vun

 恭喜一眾得獎者! 相信每一位澳門旅遊學院的同學及同事都是拯救地球的使者!


Congratulations to all winners! We believe every IFTM student and staff are Environmental Protection Ambassadors! Please continue to extend your green efforts in helping to save our world!

可持續發展是澳門旅遊學院所有活動的核心。學院繼續遵循ISO14001-2015環境管理體系的框架運作,以有效的環境管理系統形塑學院的未來規劃。澳門旅遊學院環境管理體系委員會 (EMSC) 將於2022年9月5日至28日舉辦第11屆健康綠色體驗月。我們希望透過一系列活動,鼓勵員工及師生採用健康低碳的生活模式,讓環保節能成為一種生活態度。


Sustainability is central to all IFTM’s activities, by following the specific requirements of ISO 14001:2015, IFTM continues to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that shapes its planning for the future. The Environmental Management System Committee (EMSC) will host the 11th IFTM Healthy & Green Month from September 5 to 28, 2022. We integrate environmental protection concepts throughout our education process, aiming to enhance ecofriendly awareness and values to our students and colleagues.

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