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UTM is committed to sustainable development, namely to mitigate the environmental impact of UTM’s operations via appropriate policies and procedures. In preparation for the certification, UTM staff involved in the application process attended specialised trainings since 2015. In June 2016, UTM has been audited for its Environmental Management System and successfully found to be in accordance with the required standards of ISO14001 by the renowned Société Générale de Surveillance.
Different recycle programmes are taking place at UTM, including paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, ink cartridge, waste oil, food waste, banner, furniture and electrical appliances. Paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, ink cartridge and waste oil will be passed to the environmental recycling company for further handling; while the food waste collected will be recycled through our food waste decomposer and decompose to be organic fertilizer which will be used to enrich our own gardening soil afterwards. The used banner after campus activities will also be recycled to be recycled bags. Some wearing out furniture and electrical appliances at the Pousada guestrooms will be used in student hostels instead of disposal.

UTM has introduced the “Food Waste Decomposer” in February 2011. Food waste can be completely eliminated and broken down into organic compost in less than 24 hours. Thus it could help reducing our daily waste output and the load of Macau incinerator. The organic compost will be diluted by lime until it reaches the PH neutral level and it will be applied to enrich our gardening soil.

Please click HERE to watch our Food Waste Collection Programme promotional video.

Please always bear in mind green life is starting by conservation. We are highly advise to take serving sizes sufficient to our individual needs to avoid wastage!

Disposal of glass waste at landfills does not only consume our dwindling landfill space, it is also a waste of valauble natural resources. IAM has been working with DSPA to launch various voluntary programmes in specific sector to collect glass bottles for recycling. Residents are encouraged to participate in this programme too. Glass bottles collected will be delivered to a dedicated glass recycling contractor for crushing into glass sand, for the production of concrete paving blocks.

A lot of electrical products contain batteries as a power supply in our daily life. However, an environmental impact will be occurred if the exhausted batteries do not dispose properly. As they contain materials that can be hazardous to people and the environment. They also contain valuable materials that can be recycle used in other products, such as magnetic alloy and stainless steel. Recycle deposited batteries is the best solution at this moment.

Staff members and students are encouraged to send and receive files via electronic means to reduce unnecessary printing and photocopying in order to reduce the use of paper. Different e-applications are adopted as follows:

  • Computer is installed with free internet access in all Pousada guestrooms and we no longer provide newspaper
  • Establish Document & Workflow Management System
  • Usage of E-doc
  • E-signature
  • Email
  • Intranet
  • E-notice board
  • E-banner
  • Online Enrollment Services
  • E-survey
  • E-Publications (Press Release & Newsletter)
  • UTM Portal

Pousada de Mong-Há is awarded the Green Hotel Gold Award!

Please click here for details.
UTM is committed to select environmental friendly and energy-efficient products when acquiring any product/service, such as, products which are more recycle friendly, less packaging, more durable, with more recycled materials, energy-efficient, low pollution/toxicity or easy to be degradable products, and to avoid purchase unnecessary items. We have been using some of the eco-products, such as: LED light bulbs, T5 fluorescent tubes, refillable ink pens/pen/liquid dispenser, micro-fiber cloth, recycled A4 paper, environmental friendly detergents, using FSC accredited suppliers, water-saving tap filters, water-saving shower heads and 2-level flush toilets.

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