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Water dispensers are available at both campuses. The dispensers are being cleaned regularly by Campus Management Team, and filters are being replaced seasonally.

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Aiming to beautify the surroundings, UTM built a few vertical green walls near the entrance of Educational Restaurant and Educational Hotel. Different types of flowers and plants will blossom on the wall and able to bring more green elements to the campus!

This Solar Photovoltaic Modules had been put into service since the fourth quarter of 2010. It converts solar energy into electricity to support the lighting system at the car park, it generates about 10kWh of electricity daily and helps to reduce 2.19 tons of carbon emission per year.

T5 Fluorescent Tubes

All the fluorescent tubes are replaced from the model T8 to T5, which helps to saving up 1/3 of the electricity.
In addition, infrared sensors are equipped in most of the offices, washrooms and public areas. All lightings can be automatically operated by motion sensor when unattended to reduce energy wastage.

The new T5 tube consumes 14W, while a T8 Tube (old) consumes 18W, there are a total of 1, 440 T5 tubes in Inspiration Building, by changing from T8 to T5, we can totally save 13,478 kWh electricity per year, equivalent to an annual reduction of 5.4 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.



Water-saving tap filters have been installed in all washrooms, kitchens and guest rooms of Pousada de Mong-Há and water-saving shower heads are replaced throughout guest rooms of Pousada de Mong-Há. Semi-auto water taps and 2-level flush toilets are also adopted in the campus for water conservation and without affecting the user at the same time.

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