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The Internship Programme aims to provide our students the opportunity to consolidate their theoretical foundation through practical experience. A major component of this experience is the formation of a professional attitude. The students are expected to develop their personality and capacity to adapt to, and handle, challenging situations in the real business world. Through the internship programme, the students should be able to acquire transferable skills such as communications skills, interpersonal skills, technical skills, teamwork skills, management skills and problem-solving skills. Last but not least, the students can explore their interest in future career development.


The Internship Programme is required for all Bachelor's Degree Programme students. Each Degree Programme (English medium) student is expected to complete six consecutive months of internship during which he/she must work for a minimum of 800 hours. While Degree Programme (Chinese medium) student can choose to undertake 800 working hours of internship over a maximum period of two years counting from the commencement of his/her internship or six consecutive months and complete a minimum total of 800 working hours. Each student is expected to be supervised by a mentor throughout the internship. The student will need to fill in a monthly report to report his/her progress during the internship whereas the mentor will need to give an appraisal to the student on a monthly basis.

本實習計劃要求所有修讀學士學位課程之學生進行實習。學士學位課程 (英文學制) 學生必須進行為期六個月的實習並於實習期內完成不少於八百小時之總實習時數,學士學位課程 (中文學制) 學生則可選擇由開始實習之首日起計的兩年內完成累計八百小時之實習或進行連續六個月之實習,並於期內完成最少八百小時。學生必須在實習機構安排的督導員之指導下進行實習,同時需每月填寫網上實習日誌以報告其實習進度,而督導員則需每月評核學生之表現。


For more information on the Internship Programme, please contact the Academic Support and Internship Team at or (853) 8598-3050 / 8598-1256 / 8598-1520.

欲知更多有關實習計劃的詳情,敬請致電(853) 8598-3050 / 8598-1256 / 8598-1520或發送電郵至與學術支援及實習小組聯絡。


List of Internship Providers - Academic Year 2021/2022 (2021/2022學年實習機構名單)

Local 本地: Click here 按此

Global 環球: Click here 按此

Global Affairs Team

Pedagogic Affairs Department


Colina de Mong-Ha Macao, China



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