The iRetail Lab atĀ UTM is a dynamic platform that fosters innovation and research in the retail industry. It serves as a collaborative hub for students, academics, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, conduct experiments, and develop cutting-edge solutions. The lab offers a range of resources, including a simulated retail environment, state-of-the-art technology, and access to industry experts, to support research and development in retail-related fields.

Through the iRetail Lab, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience and apply theoretical knowledge in real-world retail scenarios. The lab's emphasis on experiential learning and innovation enables students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, the iRetail Lab serves as a bridge between academia and the industry, facilitating industry-driven research and fostering collaborations that drive the evolution of the retail sector. Overall, the lab plays a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of retail professionals and driving the growth and transformation of the retail industry in Macao and beyond.

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