Tourism Education Student Summit


Starting from the 2015/16 academic year, the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM)’s Bachelor of Science daytime degree programmes have incorporated this capstone graduation requirement to ensure that its’ graduating students have capacity, not only in practical operations but in analysing and understanding how to utilise currents trends in the industry.


IFTM is the only higher education institution in Macao that includes this individual research component as a graduation requirement for all its Bachelor of Science undergraduate candidates. Industry professionals moderated by IFTM faculty comprise the panel members in each of the simultaneous sessions. Students present their research findings and respond to comments and questions from the panel. Select students representing best paper recipients from the different programmes showcased at the event, are awarded scholarships.  This event is an opportunity for industry leaders to connect with an elite group of IFTM senior students and to learn what they have discovered as a result of their investigation.

The TEd Summit represents the first public event of its kind in Macao to celebrate and promote respect for the practical applications of student research. As a public Higher Education Institution of Macao, IFTM considers this element of its curriculum a flagship endeavour that will help to develop future managers. Guiding students through a scientific process of investigation gives them essential managerial tools.  In previous years, the TEd Summit events occured twice annually, in winter and spring, to coincide with different research cohorts. 2018 represents the first full-day event which will occur once annually.