The aims of Centre for Education Quality Management are:
  • to enhance teaching quality
  • to provide faculty with convenient access to resources
  • to promote effective use of high-quality resources (for teaching, learning, and research)
  • to address DSEDJ and UKQAA recommendations to maintain international accreditation and continuously improve teaching and learning experience at UTM.


The following strategies are proposed to achieve the aims:

  • provide an “all-in-one” place for faculty members to access self-learning resources anywhere at any time to improve their teaching performance and students’ academic performance.
  • increase use of currently available technological resources such as teaching/learning software, videos and self-learning online resources, online courses, etc.
  • increase participation in in-house and external activities, trainings, and collaborations that improve whole-faculty member (whole-person) ability
  • increase visibility internally and externally of teaching and learning promotion strategies and opportunities provided by UTM