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Recommendations for Effective Teaching

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Campus life is the hub to a talented and diverse student community. If you’re serious about academics and driven to turn opportunities into success, we want to hear from you.

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Recommended Teaching and Learning tools

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Interactive White boards (IWB) are available at UTM. It can help capture great ideas, create multimedia presentations, practice collaborative problem-solving skills, and keep all students engaged in learning while teachers can remain mobile.

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Aims and Mission

To learn more about the aims and mission of Centre for Education Quality Management.

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The CEQM Whitepaper

The CEQM white paper sets out a vision for CEQM in achieving the aims in regards to faculty and various public stakeholders including government units and accreditation bodies.

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Interactive White Boards

Interactive White boards (IWB) are available at UTM.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hub for collaboration and learning, bringing conversations, content, assignments and virtual meetings together in one place.

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Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard in Microsoft 365 is a free-form digital canvas where people, content and ideas come together.

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Teaching with Panopto

Panopto is a secure video recording and hosting solution.

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Qinglu allows multi-screen collaboration and remote interaction with students, enabling classes on one campus and simultaneous interactive learning on multiple campuses.

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Rain Classroom

Rain classroom can create and send teaching materials to students through WeChat, display students’ thoughts and answers, and encourage students to participate in discussions.

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Teaching with Zoom

As a faculty member, Zoom helps keep your class going if you can't meeting in person.

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Concept Board

Conceptboard is a visual collaboration platform for working with teams from all over the world.

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Google Form

Google Forms is a form or survey creation tool provided as one of Google's services.

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Nearpod is a completely free educational tool.Using Nearpod in the classroom allows for increased teacher-student and student-student interaction.

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Padlet is an online noticeboard application that can be used in a web browser or in a downloaded application.

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Poll Everywhere

'Poll Everywhere' is a real-time survey service that is very commonly used at conferences, classes, lectures and other events.

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Teachers can use the Quizizz app to teach any content, anytime, anywhere.

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Quizlet is a free tool designed for students to learn better about various subjects, no matter which learning stage he or she is in.

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Wordwall enables teachers to design personalized hand-outs and teaching materials quickly with a few clicks.

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Making Classes Interactive

This training enable faculty members to identify what type of teachers they are.

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Challenges teaching at English Medium Institutions (EMIs)

There can be a lot of challenges associated with English Medium Institutions like Macao University of Tourism (UTM).

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Campus Facilities
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Quality Assurance
Assessment is of key importance at the Macao University of Tourism.

Faculty Professional Development

Centre for Education Quality Management
UTM’s Overall plan and development Goal is “Developing diversified teaching and learning modes”.
Aside from enhancing data technology infrastructure and support, this goal is to consolidate the current teaching and the training resources and to develop diversified online and offline teaching modes so as to meet the needs of different students.

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